Heat Transfer Technology

Films, Adhesives & Heat Press Manufacturing

Stahls’ is a world-class manufacturer of Hotronix® heat presses, CAD-CUT® heat transfer films, CAD-COLOR® digital media, EASYPRINTS® custom transfers and all types of heat print graphics. We hold hundreds of patents and manufacture and own the best brands in the industry

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Making Products

That People Depend On Everyday

Stahls’ serves the world with heat printing technology. We make a wide selection of heat printing products that have launched thousands of businesses and can be found in virtually every country on the planet.

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Innovation Success Stories

Meeting Your Garment Decoration Needs

Stahls’ products are recognized for quality, innovation and performance by end users, distributors and garment manufacturers. We are continuously improving our adhesives, pressure sensitive films, thermo-plastic urethanes, digital media and other heat transfer materials to meet your changing needs.

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Textile Decoration Technologies

GroupeSTAHL owns manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. and multiple locations in Asia, South America and Europe. In addition to manufacturing, we are always expanding our distribution affiliates, which means our products and services are available in virtually every country in the world

Quality Materials

We manufacture a full line of heat transfer materials for any fabric, any effect, and any job. As the leaders in Heat Print Technology our materials are time tested and innovative to meet the needs of the ever-changing apparel industry. With CAD-CUT® heat transfer films, CAD-COLOR® digital media, EASYPRINTS® custom transfers and all types of heat print graphics, our family of companies have a heat transfer material for any need.

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Sports Identity

From the big leagues to the little leagues, you can't pass a sports field anywhere in the world without seeing a STAHLS’® name or number. Team uniform suppliers have been calling on STAHLS’® since 1932 to solve their sport personalization challenges. Today, we're proud to be the leading provider of cutting-edge garment personalization products for performance wear, supplying professional leagues such as the NHL®, MLB®, NBA®, and the NFL® with letters, numbers and logos.

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Heat Press Equipment

Hotronix® was born from a relentless desire to give our customers the highest quality results when applying our heat applied graphics – putting an end to ruined garments for good. We manufacture top-of-the line heat presses with only the highest quality raw materials and provide customer service and warranty coverage unmatched in the industry. Proudly made in Carmichael's, PA since 1987 – a legacy you can count on, quality you can rely on, and innovations to stay on the industry's cutting edge.

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We don't just sell products, we build businesses. We are the experts in all things Heat Print Technology, and our art and heat printing experts are sought-after educators at trade shows around the world. From detailed how-to video training and hands-on workshops, to industry insights for business – we're here to help.

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