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GroupeSTAHL Leadership

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Ted Stahl

Ted Stahl is the Executive Chairman of the Board of GroupeSTAHL, a family-owned, international group of companies dedicated to providing a wide range of alternatives in garment decoration, specializing in heat printing methods. GroupeSTAHL is a manufacturer as well as a provider of garment decoration services. Ted is a well-known industry veteran with more than 44 years of experience in all aspects of apparel graphics, from manufacturing and marketing, to product design and retail operations.

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Board of Directors

It’s the people behind the company that make GroupeSTAHL what it is today. Members of GroupeSTAHLS’ Board of Directors bring years of business experience, professional expertise, and the ability to “think outside the box” to the leadership team. With backgrounds as diverse as hydroplane race producer, Harley club founder, and long-distance sailboat racer, the board members have life experience as well as business knowledge, and provide the guidance and support needed to make GroupeSTAHL the most successful company of its kind in the world.

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Executive Management

GroupeSTAHL business unit leaders have expertise in Administration, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and all other areas important to a successful global organization. Whether they are sourcing emerging technologies, overseeing the supply of products sold/manufactured, or gathering real-time market intelligence, they are always working to make our customers more successful. GroupeSTAHL leadership comes from people who love what they do and want to make a difference.