Executive Management

GroupeSTAHL Executive Management

GroupeSTAHL leaders have expertise in Administration, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and all other areas important to a successful global organization. Whether they are sourcing emerging technologies, overseeing the supply of products sold/manufactured, or gathering real-time market intelligence, they are always working to make our customers more successful.

GroupeSTAHL leadership comes from people who love what they do want to make a difference.

Photo of Carleen Gray

Carleen Gray

Chief Executive Officer, GroupeSTAHL North America

Photo of Thomas Karr

Thomas Karr

Chief Executive Officer, GroupeSTAHL International

Photo of Marilyn Elliott

Marilyn Elliott

Vice President & CHRO Human Resources, GroupeSTAHL

Photo of Jan Starr

Jan Starr

Chief Operating Officer, GroupeSTAHL North America

Photo of Jason Ziga

Jason Ziga

SVP & General Manager, Stahls’ Transfer Express

Photo of Gregory J. Peirce<

Gregory J. Peirce

Vice President Chief Technology Officer, GroupeSTAHL

Photo of Leslie Miller

Leslie Miller

Vice President Chief Financial Officer, GroupeSTAHL

Photo of Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

Senior Vice President Equipment Manufacturing, STAHLS’ Hotronix

Photo of Rick Genrich

Rick Genrich

Vice President Supply Chain, GroupeSTAHL

Photo of Jennifer- Joseph

Jennifer Joseph

Vice President Business and Project Management, GroupeSTAHL

Photo of Dane Clement

Dane Clement

Vice President Art & Creative Process, GroupeSTAHL

Photo of Josh Ellsworth

Josh Ellsworth

Senior Vice President, Dealer & Enterprise Sales, GroupeSTAHL

Photo of Brent Plawecki

Brent Plawecki

Chief Administration Officer, GroupeSTAHL

Photo of Brent Kisha

Brent Kisha

Director of Decorating Technology Advancement & Adoption