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Ben Robinson

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Ben Robinson

Senior Vice President and Chief Manufacturing Officer, GroupeSTAHL North America

As the Senior Vice President Equipment Manufacturing of STAHLS’ Hotronix, Ben oversees all things Hotronix, including Supply Chain Management for heat seal equipment. His responsibilities also include everything from the early stages of research and development to training a vast dealer for the industry-leading STAHLS’ Hotronix line. Under his leadership, Hotronix has grown to become the largest heat press manufacturer in the world.

Since first joining the STAHLS’ family in the spring of 1992, Ben has held various positions, from Production Manager to Sales Manager to his current role as Senior Vice President. Because of Ben’s equipment supply chain insights and his adept ability to manage the processes of raw material sourcing, manufacturing, inventory and shipping, Hotronix always has the right product in stock at the right time. He is a wizard at both minimizing overstock and consistently meets increasing customer demand. Ben is laser-focused at tracking and using data to proactively predict events and reduce disruption mitigation time at no expense to innovation and quality.

Ben is the creative engineering force in all of STAHLS’ Hotronix innovative developments, such as the Air Fusion, the Dual Air Fusion, Heat Press Power Platen, and Fusion IQ. If you have ever had the chance to meet him in person, you will see why he’s known as Mr. Hotronix around the world. There isn’t a question about heat presses he can’t answer. He specializes in listening to customer needs and concerns and providing effective solutions based on market trends and needs.

As a former baseball coach, he can effectively lead his team in producing the most efficient product, using lean manufacturing procedures, properly placing each team member where they will perform at their best.

With his passion for constant improvement and his hands-on approach to all aspects of the business, Ben places an emphasis on Bottom Line Profits and Top Line Sales, leading the Research and Development Team, Quality Management, On-Time Product Delivery, and 24/7 Blue Ribbon Support. Born and raised in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Ben has worked in manufacturing ever since graduating high school in 1984. Prior to working in this industry, he held a management position at a manufacturing facility that produced conveyor and transmission belting. Ben is married to Denise, the father of two and a very proud grandfather. His personal interests include golf, open water fishing, hunting and vacationing with his family.