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Josh Ellsworth

GroupeSTAHL Executive Management

Josh Ellsworth

Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, GroupeSTAHL North America

Ellsworth is responsible for managing all GroupeSTAHL brands, direct sales and distribution channels, and deployment of sales resources in the organization. Josh will also continue to identify potential new markets through partnerships and new channels of distribution. As always, his main focus is making sure Stahls’ customers receive the highest level of customer care and satisfaction. Previously, Josh held the position of Senior Vice President, Dealer and Enterprise Stahls’ for GroupeSTAHL North America. He has worked for GroupeSTAHL since 1998. Along the way, he has held various leadership and support positions, including roles in maintenance, sales, production, General Manager Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Direct, General Manager Stahls’ TV and Vice President Dealer Sales. Throughout his career, Josh has helped implement heat printing production systems in some of the largest garment factories in the U.S., as well as set up thousands of small businesses with their very first heat press machine. A well-recognized and respected expert in the field of heat printing, Josh is known for his work as an educator around the world, with thousands of online and industry fans. One of his YouTube videos has over one million views. A dynamic and talented speaker, Josh has created, written and/or been featured in over 1000 educational videos, with millions of views worldwide. Additionally, Josh delivers educational seminars at trade shows around the world.

As a regular participant in the STAHLS’ Heat Press for Profit Facebook Group, Josh is deeply engaged with the needs and challenges of apparel decorators and prides himself on bringing customer insights into all aspects of his job.

On the home front, he and his wife Jennifer are the proud “dance parents” of their amazing warrior princess, Maddy. Josh is also actively involved in his local community and serves as a school board member at a small private school.