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Carleen Gray

GroupeSTAHL Executive Management

Carleen Gray

Chief Executive Officer, GroupeSTAHL North America

Leading the North American GroupeSTAHL companies CEO since July 2018, Carleen is a long-time member of STAHLS’ leadership team. Prior to this appointment, she has held positions as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer (2007-2018) and Marketing Director (1986–2001).

She guides STAHLS’ innovative and focused North American leadership team to develop future markets and embrace new digital decorating technologies while concentrating on speed to market for customers of all levels.

In addition to overseeing and directing 360-degree marketing efforts at all GroupeSTAHL North America’s business units, Gray has succeeded in developing and implementing new digital business models; and led the strategic effort to enter the promotional products and licensing markets. Her creative, experienced direction of all print, event and digital communications programs, including an expanding web development and social media department, continue to win industry accolades and drive internet sales to record numbers.

Gray has also been instrumental in enhancing GroupeSTAHL’s Corporate Public Relations and building new industry partnerships. She has also been actively involved in creating and implementing positioning strategies and industry partnerships.

Prior to returning to STAHLS’ in 2007, Gray spent six years as the Director of Licensed Product Merchandising for Alcone Marketing Group. She managed the Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler licensing programs, helping to integrate them with the company’s overall brand communication plans.

Before joining Alcone, Gray served for more than twelve years as Marketing Director for STAHLS’. During this tenure, she was instrumental in developing and leading the industry’s longest-running traveling seminar program. Gray continues to educate customers of all sizes and attends over 100 industry-related events per year on behalf of GroupeSTAHL.

A native of Michigan, Gray attended Central Michigan University and has been active in many industry-related volunteer committees and advisory boards over the years.